Architecturally Designed Homes

Snowdonia Air Conditioning has the in-house capacity to design and install customised systems for larger executive and architecturally designed homes. From the early stages of design we work with the architect to ensure that the best possible solution is established and successfully installed. Snowdonia are proud to have designed and installed air conditioning in a number of South East Queensland’s most stunning executive homes.

We take pride in supplying our valued clients the most suitable equipment and solution for your needs. At Snowdonia we arm our clients with as much information as possible to ensure you make an informed air conditioning decision. This includes the following:

  • Which brand, product and system are best suited?
  • What is the most effective air conditioning layout and design?
  • Which is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly system available?
  • Which zoning and controls package is most suitable?
  • Which supply air grills would be the most effective and aesthetically pleasing for each room design?
  • What electrical works are required for the air conditioning installation?
  • Post installation maintenance contracts to ensure continued efficiency of system maximising your investment’s lifespan.

Warranty Confidence

All equipment, componentry and installations carried out by Snowdonia are fully warrantied.