Ducted air conditioning systems enable you to control your air conditioning throughout multiple rooms or the entire property. The duct system can be installed in your new home or designed to suit your existing home. Remarkably discreet, the system is concealed in your ceiling, with only air grilles visible inside your home.

Snowdonia are one of the best providers of ducted air conditioning that Brisbane has to offer. We supply and install only the highest quality brands in Actron Air and Mitsubishi Electric.

The ducted system consists of an indoor unit (fancoil) which is located in the roofspace and an outdoor unit (condenser) positioned in a discreet location outside your home.

Flexible insulated ductwork distributes conditioned air through air grilles placed throughout your home.

Snowdonia Airconditioning can design and install customised systems that will add an element of discreet luxury to your home, making it more comfortable and enjoyable on the hottest and coldest days.

Typical Ducted System Installation

A typical ducted system is installed as follows:

  1. Once the technicians have introduced themselves and prepared the work area, an opening will be cut in the agreed ceiling location to house the return air grille;
  2. A fancoil (indoor unit) is then carefully manoeuvred through the ceiling opening and will be mounted within the roof space. This unit is secured in position using galvanised brackets;
  3. A condenser (second unit) will be positioned to the external of the building in a suitable location and placed on either a concrete or PVC mount;
  4. The indoor unit is then coupled to the outdoor unit by interconnecting insulated refrigeration pipework and electrical cable;
  5. A series of insulated and fire rated ductwork complete with zoning is connected to the indoor unit and the supply air grills which are positioned into the ceilings or bulkheads of rooms as agreed during the site survey;
  6. The wall controller is installed in a convenient location within the property and all set zones are then switched on/off using the zone controller;
  7. Drainage from the indoor unit is achieved via a main drain and also a safety drain which are run to a suitable drainage point. These drains are insulated to prevent any condensation;
  8. Our electrician then connects the new ducted system to the existing property switchboard;
  9. Conditioned air is distributed inside the ceiling space from the indoor unit, through the ductwork, then delivered through ceiling diffusers to each room;
  10. A full demonstration of the air conditioning system operation is then carried out to ensure the client is confident in the operation of the system.