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Unlimited design licensing and full in-house design capabilities allows Snowdonia Clients the assurance of a quality, compliant,cost effective and prompt solution on every project.

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Snowdonia HVAC are your trusted partner in creating climate comfort, where precision meets innovation. As a market leading Australian HVAC business, we bring together a wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology and a passionate team of experts to transform your HVAC projects into extraordinary success stories.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere functionality; we understand that the HVAC system is the backbone of a building, impacting not only comfort but also energy efficiency and sustainability. With our specialized skillset, we design and construct HVAC solutions tailored to our valued clients unique needs, ensuring optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

Keeping costs low and quality high


Our estimating team listens closely to our clients needs and project requirements with every tender and opportunity.

Communication is a major factor in understanding the clients brief and establishing the scope with the client. The Snowdonia estimating team is outstanding and provides client comfort that when we provide a cost for a project it is all inclusive, with no hidden costs.

Working in-house, we coordinate our extensive supplier list to ensure that the best and most efficient solutions are established and sourced for each opportunity.

Our unmatched experience means we deliver accurate assessments and costings each time, every time.

“We tailor the HVAC design to meet the specific needs of each client and situation. Not all buildings or clients are the same, so offering customized solutions sets Snowdonia apart.” Design Manager - Ken Mortensen
— Ken Mortensen
Grounded in experience


• Thermal modelling, heat load calculation and design
• Car park ventilation
• Air conditioning system design and installation
• Chilled water and condenser water systems
• Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)
• Rooftop packaged units
• Air purification systems
• Building and energy management control
• Fire essential ventilation systems: stair pressurisation, lobby relief
• Zone pressurisation, Smoke spill
• Commercial kitchen ventilation
• Outside air systems